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Hosted ARPG Activity Requirements

While our Hosted Art RPG feature is free, we do expect our Hosted Art RPGs to meet a few requirements to stay on the directory.

We want to make sure that our directory links to active Art RPGs for new players to get started in!


  • New characters must be uploaded regularly so that new members can participate
  • Admins must actively run queues (It's fine if the queues are behind as long as admins are regularly chipping away at them)
  • News posts. While you don't need to make something brand new every month, you should be in touch with your players to let them know what is going on in the game!


  • PaperDemon staff will get in touch with you to make sure you're meeting the activity requirements
  • Give us an update on how many players are active in your Art RPG
  • Let us know if you need any support!


We're happy to work with you if your Art RPG needs to take a brief hiatus or you have any other issues that prevent you from meeting the requirements. We will not take you off of our directory without getting in touch with you first!

The goal of the activity check is to have a list of Art RPGs that our community can jump into. If the Art RPGs aren't running, new players can't join! We want our directory to be active and helpful to our community, and this means the Art RPGs featured on it must be functioning.

If you are removed from the directory due to inactivity, you may be relisted if you make a request once your Art RPG is more active again.

Being removed from the directory for inactivity does not mean you will be removed from the site! It just means that your Art RPG listing will be taken off of the Hosted Art RPG list.