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Types of abilities

Gate abilities

These are abilities you must have in order to gain access to certain parts of the game. E.g. Your character needs the "ready for battle" ability before you gain access to battles with the character.

This allows us to gradually introduce players to more aspects of the game as they make progress without bombarding them with all of the game information at once.

Battle action abilities

These are actions you can take in battle with your character. It includes attack spells, duocast, healing spells, and support abilities that give temporary stat boosts to other players.


These are oriented around one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Possible elemental attacks are based on the latent element of the character.


A duocast creates a Tier 2 elemental magic attack (if combining two different elements) or a strengthened single element attack (if combining two of the same element). See Elements for details on these combinations. A duocast is an elemental ability that two players can use in a battle if they combine their turns to cause more damage than they would otherwise do separately. Two players must meet certain requirements. If two characters meet certain requirements, they can perform an ability together.

Player has to spend AP ( Ability points ) to get access to a specific duocast (which is a combo of your element and another element).

Passive abilities

These are stat modifiers that increase your Character stats to increase attack power, HP, and chances of drops.

Getting abilities through the Ability tree

Abilities are gained by spending AP ( Ability points ) on the ability tree. This allows you to customize your character.

Note: The ability tree has not yet been released.

Ability List

Solo base attack spells

Each player will have an attack spell that is based on their latent element that they can use in battle.

Since there is no mana mechanic in the Paper Demon Art RPG, we don't have a reason to introduce multiple elemental spells as your older spells would become useless in time.

Instead, players spend AP ( Ability points ) to upgrade their base attack spell with more power and status effects.

At a later time as the mechanics advance, we may introduce additional attack spells if it makes sense.


Battle action ability, attack


Battle action ability, attack


Battle action ability, attack


Battle action ability, attack

Support abilities

💃 Healing Rain

Battle action, Support ability

Heals HP for a target player. Amount of HP healed is based on Magic power.

💃 Lunatic Geotic

Battle action ability, Support ability

X2 for next 5 player attacks if they are Earth, Water, or Shadow elemental. Does not stack

💃 Secondsies

Battle action, Support ability

40% chance that subsequent attacks will be made twice for the next 5 rounds. Does not stack on itself but does stack with Rainbow Revere.

💃 Rainbow Revere

Battle action ability, support ability

Magic power increased by 4 for next 3 player elemental attacks. Does not stack on itself but does stack with Secondsies.


To duocast, you will need to agree to team up with another player with a character of a different element and attack together. This might have an interesting effect on your elemental powers. Only one of the Duocasting players needs to submit the form, but it counts for both players’ attacks that day.

💧🍂 Duocast: Shadow

Battle action ability, attack

This attack creates a shadow elemental attack and requires two players to combine their turns together. It must be done with one Water character and one Earth character.

Duocast: Lightning

Battle action ability

This attack creates a lightning elemental attack and requires two players to combine their turns together. It must be done with one Fire character and one Sky character.