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As you complete more challenges, the ability points (AP) for your character increase. In the future, you'll be able to use these points to purchase abilities which will unlock more parts of the game, grant your character more Abilities, and increase your attack power in Battles.

The total accumulated AP determines your rank. See below

Amount of AP earned

For battles

  • Your character earns 5-7AP. See the Battles page for details.

For portals

  • Your character earns 7 AP (ability points). These are more finished and challenging pieces and thus earn more AP.

For non-challenge creations


Rank will impact activity success rate and add boosts to Character stats. A process for applying for a rank up is coming soon.

Pawn (or Mortal) Rank 1

  • 0 AP

Adventurer Rank 2

  • 24 AP
  • Must have completed the Apprenticeship challenges before reaching this rank.
  • Increase stats by 2
  • In the future, Adventurer rank will be required before your character can begin portal challenges. We're not sure yet when this requirement will be enforced.

Challenger Rank 3

  • 70 AP
  • Increase base stats by 3 more

Hero Rank 4

  • 150 AP
  • Increase base stats by 4 more