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PaperDemon.com is an art and writing community focused on self improvement and freedom of expression. We learn, share, and motivate one another to become more awesome.

Our adult section, The Red Curtain, provides a sanctuary for artists to be creative without boundaries or judgement.

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Our values

Read our values manifesto to learn more about our beliefs, what we are, and where we're headed.

Link to PaperDemon.com

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PaperDemon banners

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Red Curtain banners

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About the Founder

Greetings! My name is Susie Sahim, aka BogusRed. I started building PaperDemon.com around September of 2002 to create a place for friends to share their art and poetry. The site has always been a work in progress as I am always finding ways to improve it and add new features.

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation & Illustration and worked for 12 years for Google doing illustration, web design, and web development.

Please also give thanks to the wonderful staff members of PaperDemon.com who help out with the site.

How do you make money?

TL;DR: We don't make money... yet.

As of this writing, PaperDemon has never generated enough income to cover the expenses to run it and the majority of the costs were covered through the out-of-pocket expenses of the founder, Susie. In the past, it had been supported by minimal advertisements and premium membership purchases.

We tried an advertisement based business model and it didn't work too well for us. In order for this to work, we'd have to spend a lot of time chasing down people to buy ads and/or plaster annoying ads everywhere. We have no intention of ever going back to an ad based business model.

In 2017, it was formalized into PaperDemon, LLC as Susie Sahim began to pursue PaperDemon more seriously as a business. Beginning in 2019, we began accepting support through Patreon.

Future monetization plans

Some time in late 2019, there are plans to relaunch the premium membership accounts as an additional revenue stream.

In the longer term future, we plan to offer paid art lessons.