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Jump to navigation Jump to search has a blogging feature to allow members a more free form space to write about their lives or other things that may not necessarily fit in other submission types such as artwork, comics, and writing submissions.

What it's for

The PaperDemon blogs feature was created to give people a place to journal and share what's going on in their lives but over time it has found other uses for members such as:

  • sharing life updates
  • commission information
  • Tracking AP for Art RPG characters
  • For Art RPG group accounts, announcing challenges, game information, or other announcements

How it works

Each member is permitted to have one blog. Each blog can have unlimited posts. Posts are shown newest to oldest. There is no way to control the order of the posts other than to post in the reverse order you want them to appear. You may notice a drop down menu to choose a blog when you're submitting a new blog post. This is because some members have permitted other members to have edit access. But your account may only have one blog associated with it.


  • If you want to use your blog for things like AP tracking or Art RPG game information, we recommend you update the profile of your account with a directory of links to the various posts. This allows you to present the information to others in an order that you intend.
  • If you're using a group account to host an Art RPG, you may want to add real accounts as editors to the blog so others can post without knowing the username and password. You can add other editors to your blog by logging into your account, clicking Submit at the top, and then choosing Manage under the Blog heading. Then click Edit details next to the blog you wish to add other editors to.