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Character Biographies

Creating a character can be an intimidating task. Feel free to use a character you have already created if you’re not ready to make a brand new one. You’re not locked in to using this character forever, you will be able to modify your character or submit new characters later on.

Think about your favorite tropes. What kinds of characters do you enjoy reading about or watching on TV? Is there a way you can mix and match traits from your favorite media characters to create something entirely new to fall in love with? Please do not use any recognizable characters or symbolism from other media when creating your character’s design and backstory. Borrow, don’t steal!

Consider trying something new! What kind of character would challenge your drawing skills? What kind of character would react interestingly to being thrown into a world they’ve never encountered before?

When you go to create your character for the PaperDemon ARPG, you will be asked the following questions. You will also be asked for a portrait of your character! Please only use art that you yourself have created, or that someone else has given you written permission to use.

Character Biography Prompts

Your PaperDemon profile link: We need the direct URL link to your PaperDemon profile so that we can make sure each character is assigned to the right person.

Your email: This will be used for us to send updates regarding your character and the PaperDemon ARPG.

Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Species: You can choose an elf, human, or human-like character for now. We will be releasing new species as time goes on.

Hair color: (if applicable)

Eye color: (if applicable)

Optional Biography Prompts. Pick 2 or more. You may also think up your own prompts if you have ideas.

  • What was the place your character grew up like?
  • Was your character close with their family?
  • Did your character go to school?
  • What is your character’s occupation?
  • Is your character rich, poor, or middle class?
  • How does your character feel about traveling?
  • Was there a turning point in your character’s life that changed them?
  • What are your character’s likes and dislikes?

Brief biography: Five or more sentences will help you to build a solid and engaging character.

Sample biography:

Ela grew up in the border town of Ashvale. Her family were all hunters, and she learned at a young age how to step silently through the woods to track even the most evasive prey. Her skill with a bow is unmatched.

Just after her 17th birthday, Ela saved her brother from a boar attack. In the process, he lost his leg. He would never be able to hunt again. Her brother’s bitter anger over the incident drove Ela to leave town. Since then, she has traveled across the land-- a renowned tracker with a reputation for never losing a target.