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While PaperDemon develops a character inventory for partnered ARPGs, the following workaround will allow all hosted ARPGs to run their own character tracking systems for their groups. This guide is largely targeted at ARPGs that are already established and know how to handle player inventories in their group.

Why Character Trackers?

Character trackers function as supplements to a character's import sheet. They log artworks of the character, as well as any statuses or effects that the admin team desires to track but does not want to handle directly on the character's import, such as slot tracking.

Setting Up Character Trackers in the Forums

How extensive your character trackers are is entirely up to you and the needs of your group. This system can entirely replace character imports if needed. Character trackers can act as a centralized location to determine various statuses of characters in your group.

PaperDemon recommends that you ask your players to tag all artwork of their characters with their character's ID plus a two-letter code NOT used by another ARPG on PaperDemon. Currently used codes include "PD", "DS", and "AQ". By doing this, all art of that character on PaperDemon will be accessible by searching that ID.

Forum Based Character Trackers

Hosted ARPGs are highly encouraged to set up their character trackers in the forums. We also recommend that you keep a log of links to all of your request threads and character tracker threads so that your players can easily find what they need.

Setting Up

1. Design a basic format for your character trackers that your admins can copy-paste each time they create a new tracker. As needed, you can include items such as the following in your trackers:

    -A link to the character's import.
    -Information on the character's rank and status.
    -Information on equipped companions, items, and abilities.
    -A log of links to art of the character that is not hosted on PaperDemon. (Out of courtesy, we recommend using links only and not thumbnail images in case the original artist does not want their work crossposted on other websites.)
    -A log of links to art of the character that is hosted on PaperDemon. 

2. Make sure that the titles of all of your threads indicate which ARPG they are for. The title of each character's tracker should include its unique character ID as well as your ARPG's name. For example, "BlueDog ARPG Character Tracker Requests" and "BlueDog ARPG Character Tracker: BD1025"

3. Set up a forum thread for your players to request changes to their character's tracker. Refer to the Player Tracker guide for some methods for setting up queues.

4. Set up a spreadsheet or a link hub that lists a character's ID number, character tracker link, and any other necessary information. This will allow admins and players to quickly find the tracker for the character they are looking for.

5. Consider adding a link the the character's tracker on the character's import for easier access in addition to step 3.

6. If you do not want your players to comment on the character trackers, please make that clear in several locations including request threads as well as the trackers themselves, so that you do not have a build up of confusing, out of place comments.

7. Make sure that your players know that they need to be following their characters' trackers in order to get the notifications of their requests being fulfilled, as PaperDemon's forums do not notify people when their posts are responded to.

Running the Queues

Refer to the Player Tracker guide for some methods for setting up queues. The article goes into more depth on methods addressed here.

There are other methods to handle this type of system, so do not feel entirely limited by this guide if you can work out a system that functions better for the needs of your group.

1. Set up a hub account for your ARPG that your admins can all log into. Use this hub account to create and edit tracker threads as needed.

2. Have your admins fulfill player requests by editing the new information into the first comment on the character's tracker.

3. Once the request is fulfilled, the admin should comment on the tracker with a link to the original request and copy paste the request text into the comment. The admin should note that the request has been completed, and then submit the comment onto the character's tracker. This records the request, the change that was made, who requested the change, who fulfilled the request, and alerts the player through their inbox that their request has been fulfilled, assuming they are following their character's thread.

4. The admin should record in a sheet or an admin discord server which requests have been fulfilled, which have been skipped, and where in the queue they stopped their run. This will allow other admins to know where to pick up the queue and prevent comments from being skipped.

Ask a question

If you have a question not answered here, try asking in our Discord server (you can use the #role-requests channel to let us know you're an ARPG admin to gain access to the ARPG admin channels!) or our Help forum.