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Getting started

Details on how to create your character are found in the Character Creator challenge blog post

Character Limit

At this time due to unforeseen popularity in the game, we're limiting the game to one character per player. In the future once we get a proper character database, item database, and gold trackers, we'll be expanding the game to allow multiple characters per player.

Allowed Characters

Your character must be original. It cannot be a character from a TV series, anime, manga, book, etc. You may use an existing original character of yours that you've previously created. It doesn't have to be an original character created just for this game. It could be a character created for your comic or other artwork.

Allowed Character Species

Your character must be humanoid, as in having two arms, two legs, one head, stands upright, have opposable thumbs.


  • Elves (strong preference for this species)
  • Demons (strong preference for this species)
  • Humans
  • Halflings
  • Anthros and Furries
  • Human-animal hybrids as long as they meet requirements above. E.g. Satyr
  • Object heads as long as they meet requirements above.
  • Robots as long as they meet requirements above.

Disallowed species

Currently these species are not permitted in our ARPG but this will likely change in the future as we expand the game.

  • Animals/Ferals (Anthro/Furry is ok. See above for details)
  • Quadrupeds
  • Centaur
  • Closed/open species
    • We have to assume that species are copyrighted and owned by the species owner. Thus we can't allow custom species to be permitted in PaperDemon's ARPG. We're open to having discussions with species owners to allow their species in the PaperDemon ARPG. However, it must be done in such a way that art can't be double counted in both games.
    • Exception is made for closed/open species if you are the species copyright owner.

For legal reasons, any species that is owned by another person or franchise such as Dungeons and Dragons is disallowed. E.g. Tieflings