Community Interaction Form

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Here at PaperDemon, we want to help facilitate safe, fun, and understandable interactions throughout the community. To this end, we've put together a form that you can copy-paste into your PaperDemon profile to guide other players in comfortable communication with you. You can modify this form to your needs, but we highly recommend that everyone fills it out!

Community Interaction Form

Commissions: [Open/Closed, x slots available, link to your commission prices and examples, ect.]

Trades: [Open/Closed/Case by Case, Friends only, ect.]

Collaborations: [Open/Closed/Case by Case, Friends only, ect.]

Requests: [Open/Closed/Case by Case, Friends only, ect.]

Roleplay: [Open/Closed/Case by Case, Friends only, ect.]

Gifts for Me: [Art only, art and literature okay, no gifts, link to characters you're comfortable with receiving gift works of, ect.]

Characters for Sale/Trade: [Closed, 'character x is up for trade', 'message me if you would like to buy one of my characters', link to sale/trade page, ect.]