Crafting recipes

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More recipes coming soon.

Regular crafting requests

Regular crafting does not require completing art/writing. You just need the items in your inventory.

Other Armor and Defense items


Kitemail Equip to your character for minimal protection for the duration of one boss battle.


Mirror Shield


Potion of Don't-Look-At-Me

Filing your crafting request

Follow the instructions in the Crafting requests thread to submit your request.

Special Crafting requests

Special crafting requires art/writing to be completed to complete the crafting request.

Elemental Armor

Armor increases your defense when participating in battles. Armor is crafted with an elemental pearl to give you additional defense against an element of your choice.

NOTE: Crafting armor requires drawing art of your character wearing your new armor in addition to having the needed items in your inventory. See Armor guide for details on how to fulfill these requirements.

Light Medium Heavy

Light Helmet

Medium Helmet

Heavy Helmet

Light Chest plate

Medium Chest plate

Heavy Chest plate

Light Greaves

Medium Greaves

Heavy Greaves

Filing your crafting request

Submit your art/writing submission to and click the [Add to ARPG Queue] button on your submission. Choose PaperDemon Art RPG > Special Crafting.