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We regularly host creative challenges to help motivate you to create more. Some are specifically for artists, while others are for anyone doing anything creative. For some challenges, you can earn XP for participating. The best way to stay informed of upcoming challenges is to join the mailing list.

Current & Upcoming challenges

Check the new events page for more information on what events we're running.

Past challenges

Note there are also some past challenges listed on our Portals page.

Check out all of the portal challenges on the Portals page for a complete list of our ARPG Portal challenges.

Challenges/Art exchanges outside of the PaperDemon community

Here are other challenges hosted outside of our community that members of our community recommend. Sometimes PaperDemon will officially participate in one of these and create points around them.

  • Chocolate Box Exchange a fiction and art gift exchange that runs usually from around December to Valentine's Day
  • Inktober A new ink drawing each day for the month of October to help you develop a regular drawing habit.
  • Huevember 1 drawing per day, 1 main hue per day for the month of November.
  • Color Collective A weekly challenge where you make work based on a single colour.

Reward FAQ

See Who gets the reward? for answers on how rewards work with art trades/commissions/collaborations.