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"Practice makes perfect" as the old saying goes. Achieving greatness requires daily practice and constantly striving for self improvement. There's just one problem...

Practicing gets boring. We lose our motivation and we struggle to maintain our practice consistently.

PaperDemon is not like other art communities. Here, we understand the struggle and we help make practicing art fun through play to help you level up your art.

How it works

  1. Practice and Learn
    Our blog and newsletter will help inspire you to practice drawing fundamentals, learn new techniques, and learn creative ways to be productive. We also host contests with fun ideas for practicing your art.
  2. Share your creative works
    Share your work so the community can give you positive words of encouragement! If you're participating in one of our Creative challenges, you'll also gain experience points for posting it.
  3. Give to gain XP
    Here at PaperDemon, we work together to help each other become more awesome. To get the most out of it, you'll need to be an active participant in the community. Give encouragement and critiques to other artists and you'll gain XP (experience points). Members will reciprocate by giving you comments. Critiques are important to help you identify areas for improvement and encourage you to keep going with your art.
  4. Level up!
    As you gain XP, your character levels up. And your art levels up, too! Leveling up feels good and helps us stay motivated to continue practicing and becoming more awesome.

Does all this sound good? Then let's get to work. Sign up and start practicing.