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Setting up your account

  1. Personalize your account by setting an Avatar.
  2. Help others in the community get to know about you by creating your Profile.
  3. If you'll be visiting the adult section, you may want to adjust your filters to block any content you may not want to see.

Playing our Art RPG

Check out the PaperDemon Art RPG page if you want to get motivated by playing an Art RPG!

Apprenticeship Challenge Walkthrough
[Step 1 - Character Creation]
[Step 2 - Talisman Challenge]
[Step 3 - Latent Element Challenge]
[Step 4 - Packing and Crafting Challenge]
[Step 5 - Portal Challenge]
[Ranking Up]


In order to get the most out of PaperDemon, we recommend you follow these tips to help you get more comments, favorites, etc on your submissions.

  1. Get to know the community by chatting with us in our Discord server. This will increase your visibility and status in the community and help you get motivated.
  2. Participate in our Art RPG to get motivated and strengthen your skills.
  3. Comment on other people's artwork, comics, and writing. Others will visit your profile and do the same for you as a thank you.
  4. Help others become the best they can be. Share tips, inspiration, tutorials, etc with others in this Wiki or in your blog posts. If we all help one another, we'll all become stronger better artists.

Need help?

Contact us or ask for help in our Discord server