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So you're interested in contributing to the PaperDemon blog. That is great news! It's a great way to both provide value to our community, help others, and get yourself noticed.

Types of posts accepted

We only allow guest blog posts that provide meaningful value to the members of which consists primarily of artists, writers, and other creators. Here are some types of blog posts we appreciate and value on our blog

  • art RPG related content
  • table top RPG content
  • Personal stories and/or tips of overcoming mental health challenges and how it relates to being a creator
  • Art and drawing techniques
  • Art and Writing productivity tips
  • Story writing techniques

Others are excepted as well. If you believe you can contribute a meaningful blog post, please Contact us

Not allowed

We get a LOT of inquiries about posting blog posts on topics like gambling. We will never allow this type of content, regardless of price, as it is completely unrelated to our mission and values so please stop asking.

We don't accept blog posts which are just paid links to advertise or get link juice. Exceptions may be made if it's of genuine usefulness to our community (such as information about paid art lessons).

Post content and format

You are encouraged and welcome to link to your website and socials in your blog post so members know how to get in touch with you.

To improve the legibility of your post and to make it easier for members to read and digest, please...

  • use a title that clearly communicates the value you're article brings to the reader
  • have a structure to your blog post with appropriate headings (see technical details below)
  • use shorter paragraph lengths
  • bold keywords and keypoints. This helps readers scan the document
  • use images and diagrams where possible
  • use descriptive titles for your links (not just a URL or "click here")

Additional tips

  • Cite/link to external sources. This lends credibility to your post
  • Share personal experiences and stories. This makes you more authentic and relatable
  • Use quotes. This can be a great way to break up longer articles.
  • People like listacles. Subjects with numbers tend to get more clicks.

Technical details

For consistency of our brand and legibility of the blog, some of your type settings will be removed from the post so don't worry about setting fonts, line height, etc.

Please draft your blog post in Open Office, Microsoft Word, or Google docs. We cannot accept PDF documents as we cannot convert them to the HTML code needed to post it to our blog.

Please use heading 2 and heading 3 for any headings needed for your post. (Heading 1 is reserved for the article title). Both Microsoft Word and Google docs have these options available from the styles menu

Getting started

Before beginning your article, please contact us and pitch your blog article so we can confirm it meets the needs of our community.

Final details

We'll handle creating the final blog post image but if you'd like to create it yourself, let us know and we'll share the template with you.