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We're excited that you're interested in hosting your Art Role Playing Game with PaperDemon.

Benefits of hosting your ARPG on PD

We're an art and writing community similar to others so we offer a lot of comparable things to sites like DeviantArt but we're also missing some features that users may be expected to. Our staff is not as large so we have to keep the scope of features we offer smaller. But we are focused on the Art RPG space for the long term.

  • Art site features like user logins, art submissions, writing submissions, forums, comments, DMs, etc.
  • Staff that listens regularly to the needs of ARPG players and ARPG owners and admins.
  • tag system so players can tag their artwork with their character id to create a tracker
  • A link to your Art RPG added to our ARPG Directory so players can discover you
  • It's free. If you meet requirements, you can create up to 3 admin accounts (see below) for hosting your game


  • A name and description of your Art RPG so that players can learn more about your Art RPG before deciding to play
  • A draft of your players guide with information on how to get started playing the game and some activities or challenges for players to participate in.
  • Approval from BogusRed. This involves an interview process to make sure you're a fit for our community. We try hard to make sure that the people who come host with us will abide by our Community Guidelines. See Contact us for info on how to get in touch.
  • After your ARPG is approved, your group will need to meet Activity Requirements to stay on the Hosted ARPG list on

Admin/Group account

If you meet the requirements above and have received approval to host your ARPG on PaperDemon, you'll need one or two group/admin accounts for tracking your game information like imports/characters, items, player guides, and announcements.

We suggest having a main account where you post your guides and announcements where the account name is the same name as your ARPG. Ask your players to click the follow button so they get notified when you post new announcements to your blog. You might need a second account for imports and items so that your users don't get notified every time you post.

Once you have created your account(s) please notify BogusRed so we can track your account.

We're working on adding some more guides to help you get started with hosting your ARPG on PaperDemon. If you have questions, please ask in our Discord server

For a monthly fee, we offer premium tools to Art RPG groups small and large that want tooling to help them track queues, game data, and more.

If you're an Art RPG or closed species group with 20-100 active players, you may be starting to experience some challenges in tracking your game's characters and items, our Starter, Plus, and Partner plans can help you manage your most important data and improve the usability for your players.

  • Save time from processing item purchases and increase sales by letting players purchase items themselves.
  • Improve the player experience. Visually appealing characters and item inventories help players see each other's inventories and encourages item collecting.
  • With multiple games existing on the same platform, it creates a consistent and easy to understand playing experience for your players.

Starter and Plus features

Character Archive

  • All characters for your game are together in a searchable and browsable archive
  • Characters are attached to player's profiles so they can easily find and reference them
  • Data fields for tracking HP, points, origins, owner, and more commonly used fields in ARPGs. Editing these fields is restricted to admins you designate.
  • History of changes tracked so you know exactly which admin changed what, why, and when
  • All art containing that character is displayed on the character sheet to make tracking easier.
  • Easily control which admins have access to editing characters
  • Player's have a "players notes" section that they can edit at any time to add nicknames, biography, personality information and more.
  • Admin's have a "admin notes" section they can edit with additional info.

Coming soon

  • Players can sell back items to the store for currency (aka scraps)
  • Players can self-service attach items on their own to their character from their player inventory

Item System

  • Add images, descriptions, and categorize your items so players can easily search for more information about any given item.
  • Track available inventory and view all receipts of transactions.

Store Page

  • Automatically generated based on your data from the Item Database. It shows all items you designate as available for sale.
  • Players can easily purchase items on their own without involving an admin.

Player Inventory

  • All items owned by a player are stored on their profile.
  • Only Admins designated by you have access to edit player inventories.
  • Easily add/remove items from a player's inventory and generate a receipt.
  • Easily transfer items between players.
  • Player's automatically notified when new items are transferred to them or their character.
  • Player's have a page listing all of their receipts so they can easily reference them later.

Coming soon

  • Transfer items between players and characters
  • Players can transfer items to/from their characters
  • Automated crafting. Admins will be able to input all of the game's crafting recipes. Players will then have an interface where they can choose which items they want to craft from items in their inventory without having to involve an admin or queue.

Partner features

The partner plan also includes all of the features available in Starter and Plus plans.

Queue system

  • easy to use queue system for players. players can submit their art or writing submissions, then click [add to queue] and choose to submit into various queues. You get to customize what these queues are.
  • customize which accounts have access to process queues
  • admin queue interface where admins can view and process incoming requests and process them from their own accounts so you can track who did what and when. A history of all processes and decisions are on the submission so you can make sure they aren't counted twice by mistake.

Custom forums

  • users you specify will have access to moderate your custom forums.
  • We can configure different permissions for things like new posts, replies, and moderating) so if you want to use the forums for player trackers. This is currently how Dracostryx and Dragons of Aquella handle their trackers.

Additional features

  • all of the features from Starter/Plus plans
  • your senior staff will get access to moderation tools that allow you to edit submissions (such as to add/correct missing tags) or even delete submissions if need be.
  • your senior staff will get access to user moderation logs which is where we track behavioral issues with users. Whenever they view a user's profile, they can see any behavior issues right on the profile page.
  • a "partnered" spot on our ARPG Directory.

If you have any questions or would like a demo, please contact BogusRed

Plan comparison








Active player count




Up to 100

Submissions system

Art RPG Blog

Art RPG user Account

Blog post comment based queues with pagination

Character Database

Unlimited Characters

3000 characters

1000 characters


Submissions attached to character sheet


Characters on player profiles


Custom character database fields


Item Database


Item Shop and player self service item purchases


Player item inventory


Submission Queues and submission approval tracking


Help with item and character data imports


Custom forums for additional trackers and requests


Partner placement on our Art RPG Directory


Access to moderator user logs


Tech Support

Peer support via Discord

Peer support via Discord


Input on feature development



Talk to us and we'll create a custom plan for you


$15 Free setup


$15 Free setup


Interested? Get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

What we DONT offer

Our "groups" feature is fairly limited. But we will likely expand this in the future to make communicating and organizing of your community easier.

We have no plans to add any features allowing you to create custom looking web pages for hosting your lore beyond some minor improvements to our blogging system. We recommend using something like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, or MediaWiki as this will get you much better results than anything we could provide you with.

Further down the line we plan to start offering more automation tools such as automated battle tracking for the PaperDemon Art RPG. We may expand this to make it useful for other Art RPGs as well. For example, players can do an attack and the site will automatically calculate a response and track the HP of the character.