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Why do you need to know if my art is mature?

You need to specify whether your artwork is mature or not because it will determine which site your artwork will be shown on. If your artwork does not contain mature content, it will be placed in the art galleries on the regular site. If the content does contain mature content, it will be located within the Red Curtain section of

If you are a minor (under the age of 18) you are not allowed to post mature content. If you have created mature artwork, you'll have to censor it to make it more appropriate for posting on PD or you will not be able to post it.

I'm not sure if my work is mature

If you are not sure whether your artwork falls under Mature or Non-Mature, send your artwork as an attachment to Be sure to include your username and any relevant information about the artwork.


Artwork containing bare breasts and buttocks are allowed in the non-mature PaperDemon side as long as it is not within a sexual context. If it is within a sexual context or contains depictions of genitalia or exposed crotch areas it must be marked mature so it is placed in the Red Curtain.

Gallery placement

Within the Red Curtain, there are many different types of art that some may find offensive. For this reason we have a Filtering system. In order for site filtering to work, your artwork must be placed in the appropriate galleries. See the Site rules for a detailed list of which Gallery labels are required for filtering.