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Why do you need to know if my art is mature?

You need to specify whether your artwork is mature or not because it will determine which site your artwork will be shown on. If your artwork does not contain mature content, it will be placed in the art galleries on the regular site. If the content does contain mature content, it will be located within the Red Curtain section of

We place adult content in a separate section of the site in order to properly age gate and prevent accidental exposure of mature content in contexts when such content may not be desired.

If you are a minor (under the age of 18) you are not allowed to post mature content. If you have created mature artwork, you'll have to censor it to make it more appropriate for posting on PD or you will not be able to post it.

I'm not sure if my work is mature

Generally speaking, sexual content, visible genitalia, fetishes, sex toys, and excessive gore/violence are considered mature. Look further below in this article for an in-depth look at what's mature.

If you are not sure whether your artwork falls under Mature or Non-Mature, send your artwork as an attachment to [email protected] Be sure to include your username and any relevant information about the artwork.


Artwork containing bare breasts and buttocks are allowed in the non-mature PaperDemon side as long as it is not within a sexual context. If it is within a sexual context or contains depictions of genitalia or exposed crotch areas it must be marked mature so it is placed in the Red Curtain.

Tagging and Filtering

Within the Red Curtain, there are many different types of art that some may find offensive. For this reason we have a Filtering system. In order for site filtering to work, your artwork must be labeled with the appropriate Tags. You'll see the list of required tags on the submission page. Just click any that apply to your submission.


The rest of this document contains mature terminology. Please do not continue if you are under the age of 18.

Types of content allowed and disallowed

Not Permitted anywhere

  • Minors (fictional or real) in nude or sexual situations.
    • Minors are defined here as under the age of 18.
    • Moderators will look for visual signs of maturity in the figures depicted, such as hair on the genitals, formed breasts, muscle tone, hips, proportions, etc. The age you state in the submission or description must not state the figure/character is under the age of 18 or the submission will be removed. (You are not required to state the age). We will take into account artistic style.
    • You may age up fictional characters only, including your own original characters. You may not age up real people (e.g. celebrities) who are minors.
    • Visual depictions of young adults must not be photo real.
    • Chibis in nude or sexual situations are also disallowed.
    • Written works and comics are allowed to have an indication that a sexual situation involving an underage character occurred as long as the scene itself is not explicitly included. For example, the characters can mention it, or at the point where the scene would begin, it would instead fade to black. To mention a character endured sexual abuse is OK. Please make sure to also include a warning in the summary of your writing submission.
    • If you post a depiction of a minor/chibi/juvenile in the mature section and our mods can't determine why it's been marked mature, e.g. it doesn't contain violence or some other mature topic that isn't sexual, it will be removed. This is because it will have an implied sexual context given that the majority of the mature sections content is sexual.
  • Juvenile, adolescent, child-like, or cute looking humans/animals/anthros/monsters/characters/etc in sexual situations, whether implied or explicit.
    • We base this on the visual proportions and ratios of the character, NOT on what is canon for the series, character, or species. For example, sexual content of My Little Pony characters, even adult ponies, would not be allowed because the proportions of adult MLP characters look juvenile.
  • Scat (Urolagnia is permitted)
  • Nude photos or photo manipulations of nude photos.
  • Anything which can be taken to encourage zoophilia is not permitted. If moderators cannot infer sentience from the submitted work containing sexuality or sensuality, it is not permitted. It is recommended, but not required, that you include signs of sentience in any sexually explicit works containing feral animals, such as:
    • speaking, and/or writing language. Understanding complex language (not just simple commands).
    • human-style accessories (jewelry, hairstyles, dyed colors, clothing, etc.)

Permitted mature content if tagged

The following content is permitted as long as it's

Allowed Content if labeled with the appropriate tag

  • Physical Abuse and Torture
  • Nudity. If it is an artistic nude, non-sexual, and does not depict genitalia, you may post it without marking as mature. You also do not need to label it.
  • Erotic artwork
  • Erotic writing
  • Feet Fetish
  • Gargantuan Genitals
  • Gore
  • Mpreg
  • Male/Male homosexual content. If the content is non-sexual in depiction (ie: kissing, embracing), it does not require a mature marking, but whether it is mature or not it should be added to the #MaleXMale tag.
  • Female/Female homosexual content. If the content is non-sexual in depiction (ie: kissing, embracing), it does not require a mature marking, but whether it is mature or not it should be added to the #FemaleXFemale tag.
  • Male/Female heterosexual content. If the content is non-sexual in depiction (ie: kissing, embracing), it does not require a mature marking, but whether it is mature or not it should be added to the Relations and #MaleXFemale tag.
  • Rape
  • Sexually Explicit Content (if it is a non-sexual nude, you do not need to mark as mature)
  • Urolagnia, Watersports
  • Yiffy, aka Anthropomorphic characters in sexual situations
  • Sentient depictions of feral sex
  • Nude Anthros