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Why do we do meetups?

Participating in a meetup is one of the best ways to feel included in the community. Meet ups provide a space for people to celebrate their success, draw, share their work, get critique, and bond with other creative people like themselves. We are a tribe of like-minded people and it helps our mental health to stay connected and feel understood by other members of our tribe.

Online meetups

Upcoming meetups

  • Every other Saturday 11am PST | 2pm EST | 6pm UTC

Learn more about our meetups. Join the mailing list to get notified of upcoming meetups.


Online meetups are hosted in the Discord server in the 🔊voice-meetup and #meetup channels and last about 2 hours minimum. The meetups are primarily voice but many members don't feel comfortable using voice. If you don't feel comfortable using your voice, we suggest you still join the voice channel but on mute so you can hear the conversation. And then use text chat to communicate. We find this combo works best since it allows those using voice chat to communicate hands free so they can draw.

What we do in meetups

  • draw
  • chat and socialize (It's pretty chill)
  • share progress on our creative projects
  • get critique on our work
  • discuss improvements to the community
  • provide support to one another
  • stream our art


Sometimes we have an agenda and discuss community related matters. Check the announcements in discord or the mailing list for details. If you'd like to propose an agenda item, please post it in the #suggestion-box channel. Please use discord ❤ reactions for ideas/comments made in the discord channel that you like.

Meetup notes

Meetup agenda and notes are captured here

Get notified of upcoming meetups

  • Join the mailing list (Recommended)
  • Join the discord server. In the #rules-and-info channel, click on the 💬 bubble emoji in the NOTIFICATIONS subsection to get notified of meetup schedule changes.
  • See the event calendar for a list of meetups.

In person meetups

PaperDemon is a global community with artists and writers from around the world. At this time, we only host online meetups to make it most accessible for our community. But we'd like to expand to doing in-person meetups (post COVID) once we get enough folks in one area interested. If you're in the California Bay Area and are interested in attending or hosting an in-person meetup, let us know.