PaperDemon Art RPG FAQ

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Below are answers to common questions we get about the PaperDemon Art RPG.

How do I get started with the PaperDemon Art RPG?

Start by Creating your character. After your character is registered, you can begin participating in Apprenticeship challenges and Portals

Can I submit NSFW art/writing for my Art RPG submission?

It depends on which challenge it's for.

For the character portrait and boss battle art boosts, mature content is not allowed. For all other Art RPG challenges you may submit Mature content as long as it's labeled.

Can I get Ability Points (AP) for more than one character per artwork?

Yes! If there is more than one character in your art piece, each character that meets the challenge requirements[1] can collect Ability Points.

[1] Each challenge, such as Portals, have requirements like the upper half of your character must be visible. These requirements must be met in order to receive AP.

Can I submit artwork/writing to that is not for an Art RPG?

Yes. Your art and writing is welcome as long as it doesn't break our Site rules