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In '''PaperDemon Art RPG''' challenges, you will use an original character to fulfill art or writing quests in exchange for a reward. In '''Portal Challenges''', you will be introduced to a brand new world for your character to travel to. Portal Challenges are more difficult than other challenges because they require you to draw your character and a background in full color, but they offer greater rewards.
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== Rewards ==
For completing a portal challenge, you will earn:
* [[XP]]
* [[Gold]]
And your character will earn:
* Portal Badges
* [[Ability points]]
The exact details of the rewards differ from portal to portal so check the portal challenge details for more specific reward information.
== Past Portal Challenges ==
* 2020 [https://www.paperdemon.com/app/news/article/5381/arpg-challenge-avangard-world-of-skies Avanguard Challenge]
** Reward for participation: 80XP and 150 gold along with a badge for your character
** Portal Badge: <nowiki>[thumb40367]</nowiki>
* 2020 [https://www.paperdemon.com/app/news/article/5246/art-and-writing-challenge-the-city-of-lost-songs The City of Lost Songs] ['''CLOSED''']
** Reward for participation: 60XP

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