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Here you'll find a collection of reference material to help you create more accurate drawings, paintings, and what have you. Resources are free unless otherwise specified. Do you have a great resource that isn't listed? Please consider contributing.

Reminder: Please be respectful toward the creators of these images and read the licenses before using these images for anything more than educational purposes. For example, if you plan to use a reference image for an illustration, a game asset, etc, be sure to comply with the license.


Malley (Cat Photos/Stock set) - Contributed by: Ciera (Paperdemon user: MelonRambles)
- Licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution 1) Reaching -
2) Cardboard destruction cat -
3) Watching game -
4) Lounging -
5) On His Chair -

Buildings and structures


Pose Tools

These are tools that automatically shows a random image for figure drawing purposes. Most have options to choose from nudes or clothed.

Stock images