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Please refer to the page linked above for the most up to date version of this challenge.

Apprenticeship Challenge Walkthrough
Step 1 Character Creation Challenge
Step 2 - Talisman Challenge
Step 3 - Latent Element Challenge
Step 4 - Packing and Crafting Challenge
Step 5 - Portal Challenge

Welcome to PaperDemon!

alt fantasy landscape

Welcome to the PaperDemon universe!

This is where you will start your Art RPG journey. The first step to exploring the many worlds of the Paperverse is to build a character to explore with. You can use a character you've already made elsewhere or build a brand new one for a brand new experience. Be creative and have fun!

alt blond elf

Welcome to the Paperverse Travelers Guild! We're a friendly bunch of adventurers who seek out new experiences by traveling to other worlds through portals. Before you can start on your journey, we'll need to know some more about you...

Create Your Character

alt character drawing

Create Your Character

  • Submit your art or written description of your character to get started!

What You Will Need

  • Your character's name
  • Your character's species
  • A brief written biography for your character
  • A drawn or written physical description of your character, created by you. Check the requirements on our Creation Challenge!

What You Will Learn

  • How to redeem XP


Next step - Talisman Challenge >>>

Once one of our friendly staff members messages you to confirm your character's registration number, you can proceed to the next challenge.