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Apprenticeship Challenge Walkthrough
Step 1 - Character Creation
Step 2 - Talisman Challenge << You are here
Step 3 - Latent Element Challenge
Step 4 - Packing and Crafting Challenge
Step 5 - Portal Challenge

Talisman Challenge

alt blond elf

Greetings Adventurer! Now that you're officially registered with the guild, we'll be making sure you have everything you need to explore the Paperverse. The most important thing to have on hand is your talisman. It's an item that will help you open portals across the realms. Many of us use our talisman to showcase all of the places we've been to! Pick something special that you can carry along with you on your travels, and let us know what you chose.

Choose your Talisman

alt character drawing
  • Submit your art or written description of your character's talisman

What You Will Need

  • Choose a special talisman for your character to bring on their adventures
  • Draw or write a physical description of your character's talisman. Check the requirements on our Challenge guide!

What You Will Learn


  • 50 XP (artwork submissions only)
  • 7 AP for your character

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