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Apprenticeship Challenge Walkthrough
Step 1 - Character Creation
Step 2 - Talisman Challenge
Step 3 - Latent Element Challenge << You are here
Step 4 - Packing and Crafting Challenge
Step 5 - Portal Challenge

Latent Element Challenge

alt blond elf

The Paperverse is a wide and wild place, and you'll need any advantage you can get to keep ahead of the game! Take some time to tap into your own elemental magic-- it may aid you in battle or give you advantages in certain portal environments.

Latent Element Challenge

  • Submit your art or written description of your character using their elemental magic

What You Will Need

  • Find out what element your character has been assigned. It should appear on your character sheet.

  • A drawn or written work that shows your character using their element, created by you. Check the requirements on our Element Challenge guide!

What You Will Learn

What You Will Earn

  • Elemental magic powers for your character
  • 50 XP (artwork submissions only)
  • 7 AP for your character

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