Step 4

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Apprenticeship Challenge Walkthrough
Step 1 - Character Creation
Step 2 - Talisman Challenge
Step 3 - Latent Element Challenge
Step 4 - Packing and Crafting Challenge << You are here
Step 5 - Portal Challenge

Packing and Crafting Challenge

alt blond elf

If you've ever enjoyed shopping boy do we have a treat for you! You'll need supplies to help you on your way as you cross worlds both explored and untamed, and gold to buy them. We'll get you started with a few gifts from the guild.

Packing and Crafting Challenge

  • Request your free allowance of gold and learn how to purchase and craft items

What You Will Do

  • Visit the Forum to request your gold
  • Purchase crafting ingredients
  • Craft your first set of armor!

What You Will Learn

What You Will Earn

  • 150 Gold
  • x1 Kitemail

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