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In order for us to track your character's progress, your character/import will be assigned a unique id. For the PDARPG, this will look something like PD123. When you submit your artwork of this character for any ARPG activities, please be sure to add your character's unique tag to the work.


When you receive your tag, please also update any existing submissions you have of this character on PaperDemon, such as the portrait you created when registering your character, with this tag. Once we have our character database completed, this tagging system will allow us to more easily track and show all the character art together.

ARPG Game Tags

  • PD# is reserved for PaperDemon ARPG
  • DS# is reserved for DracoStryx
  • AQ# is reserved for Dragons of Aquella

Tag format

  • The format is two letters, followed by a number. e.g. (PD123)
  • our submission system currently will change your tag to all lowercase. This is ok and nothing to worry about.
  • don't use # or [] in the tag name. It should just be two letters and a number.
  • don't use leading zeros in the tag name (e.g. use PD123, not PD000123)

Writing submissions

At the time of this articles writing, writing submissions don't support tags so you wont be able to tag your writing entries. You can, however, add your tag to the description of your entries if it's helpful to you but it's not required. Support for tags is coming in late 2020. We suggest you keep a document somewhere that you can keep a list of all of your ARPG related submissions, organized by character. A blog post is one way you can do this but you can also use a Google doc.