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This guide is for those considering becoming a volunteer for PaperDemon.

First thank you so much for contributing to our community. This is a great chance to give back to the art community, help others, and gain experience.

One really important to keep in mind that even though you are a volunteer and not getting paid for the work you do, you're still expected to treat it like a job.

As a volunteer or moderator, you are a representative for PaperDemon so you'll be expected to lead by example. Below are the expectations for the various roles. Please read them over carefully.

Applicable to all volunteers/mods

  • Open, honest, frequent communication.
    • Communicate if you can't perform duties. Family/health/work/life stuff happens and might keep you from performing your duties. It's OK and it happens to all of us but what's most important is that you inform us so we can make alternative arrangements.
    • If you aren't able to keep up with your duties, contact BogusRed and let's renegotiate.
  • You may through your volunteer/moderating duties be exposed to privileged information, user data, or personally identifiable information. Do NOT share this information with anyone other than those involved. Do not share details of our volunteer/staff/moderator chat publicly or with friends.
  • If you're unsure what to do, ask.
  • Be familiar with the Site rules.
  • Attend regular volunteer meetings (usually video chat) to discuss open issues.
  • Stay up to date on comms in Discord #staff-and-volunteers channel or any applicable channel for your role for things like the meeting schedule, tasks, etc.

Community expectations

  • You'll be expected to behave and uphold our Community Guidelines to the utmost standard. Don't instigate or retaliate against members.
    • Be inclusive. This means helping others feel welcome and invite them to participate, get to know them, and be mindful if others voices are not being heard, give them a chance to speak.
  • Spread the word about our challenges and community events.
  • If you become aware of a rule violation, report it to a moderator (or if you are a moderator, take appropriate action).
  • Community engagement
    • Encourage participation in challenges, community events, etc
    • Where you can, try to participate yourself in challenges
    • Help newcomers and long time members alike feel welcomed. Comment on their work and engage with them.
    • Chatting in the discord



  • 2020 Calendar planning committee
    • Plan logistics of registration, marketing/promotion, art/writing curation, assemblage, printing, mailing/distribution etc of the 2020 PaperDemon Erotic art calendar.
  • Social Media


  • Discord Moderator
    • Remove spam
    • Manage roles and channels
    • Resolve disputes, talk to members not following rules, enforce rules
  • Discord Administrator
    • Kick/ban spammers and trolls
  • PaperDemon.com JR Moderator
    • flags things that might be in violation of Site rules using the flagging system or by posting in the Moderator Discord chat
  • PaperDemon.com Moderator - all of the above plus
    • edit/remove submissions or posts in violation with the rules
    • answer questions about Site rules
    • spam removal
  • PaperDemon.com Administrator - all of the above plus
    • general account help (reset passwords, change username, etc)
    • banning
    • organize monthly meetups