Who gets the reward?

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Character vs Player

Rewards given to characters:

Rewards given to players:

Commissions/Art Trades

Who gets the rewards if the art was done by someone other than you? For example, you did an art trade with someone or commissioned another artist to do the art.

  • The character(s) in the submission (presumably your character) will get all character based rewards (such as portal badges and AP)
  • The artist who created the work will get all player rewards (XP, gold, and item drops)
    • We understand this is different from how most other ARPGs work. We decided to take this approach because it's more motivating for the artist who does the work and may encourage more art gifts.

Multiple characters

You may submit an ARPG portal artwork submission with multiple characters. Here's how the rewards will play out.

  • All characters will get AP
  • All characters will get achievements (such as portal badges)
  • You'll get XP only once
  • You'll get only one gold reward and random item drop
  • You'll only get one special item drop if the challenge includes a designated special item drop
    • Exception: If there are multiple characters and it was a collaboration, each artist gets XP and gold rewards. Both artists must submit their work to the queue to get their rewards.

If only one artist created the work, you'll only need to submit to the queue once. If multiple artists were involved, each artist should submit their work to the queue and indicate it was a collaboration.

If there is a reward involved for a challenge not listed here, please contact us and we'll update this wiki to clarify reward distributions.