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PaperDemon helps artists to become more awesome through various gamification features that make improving as an artist more fun. This is to encourage artists to create more and be more active members of the community.

Members gain XP (experience points) for

XP Table

Below is a breakdown of the actions and what experience points you gain from them. More will be added soon.

Action XP earned Limit
Commenting on art 5 10 comments per 24 hours
Posting art for a challenge Varies Varies. See challenge for details.

More features are being released over time. Join the newsletter to get notified.

What is XP good for?

At this point, it's much like Who's Line is it Anyway; the points don't matter. However it does feel good seeing your character move up in levels. Eventually these points will mean more. Stay tuned as more benefits for XP gains are announced.